Colorful Ways to Quench a Thirst

23 February, 2015

The following excerpts were taken from the article Colorful ways to quench a thirst by Donna Berry, published in Food Business News, February 10. 2015.

[one_half]Though thirst and hydration, maybe nutrition, and sometimes celebration, may motivate consumers to drink a beverage, color often influences selection. Appropriate colors reassure the consumer that the beverage will taste as described. Faded hues and discoloration are unacceptable.

“From cola to cognac, iced tea to isotonics, root beer to real beer, color additiveds – natural and artificial – contribute to the consumer’s enjoyment,” said Jody Renner-Nantz, senior application scientist with DDW, The Color House, Louisville, KY. “There are many factors to consider when selecting color additives, including packaging, shelf life, pH and ingredients that can interact with colors. For example, the same coloring may show one hue in a neutral system and another hue in an acidic system.”

Coloring beverages is never one-size-fits-all. Even the least -suspecting variables, including water source (mineral content), may impact the finished product’s color.

To read the entire article on Food Business News, click here.[/one_half]

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